House Rules

  • All transactions are in USD.
  • All customer data will be treated confidential and will not be sold to others.
  • You may only participate in any gambling events if it is legal for you to do so according to the laws applicable in the jurisdiction from where you are connecting or calling. You must understand and accept that we are unable to provide you any legal advice or assurances.

General Wagering Rules

Management reserves the right to change, amend or add to these rules as they see fit by giving no further notice than posting the current rules on the website.


  • No one under the age of 18 years is permitted to have an account with Wager Room.

  • Only one account per person is allowed. If Wager Room finds out any one person has more than one account all winnings on BOTH accounts will be Forfited.


  • Each client is fully responsible for maintaining the secrecy of his/her betting account and should make every effort to prevent the use of his personal account number by any third party. In the event that a customer suspects that a third party may have his/her password, the customer may at anytime ask Wager Room to furnish the customer with a new password. Any transactions entered into where the account holder's number and password have been given to affect a wager shall stand as bona fide transactions.

Maximum Payouts

  • Max win per account per week $100,000.

  • Max parlay payout is $100,000.

  • Max casino winnings in any 24 hour period is $30,000.

  • Max horse wagering payouts WIN 20-1, PLACE 10-1, SHOW 5-1.


General Wagering Rules

  • A client is deemed to have accepted these rules by opening an account, or by placing a bet with Wager Room

  • It is the client's responsibility to check their account balance at the beginning of each betting session.

  • In the event of an erroneous line posting due to obvious system or human error, all wagers placed on this incorrect line will be void (examples include: when the wrong team is put up as the favorite or when a Point Spread, Total, or Money Line is off by a significant amount, etc.). If you are the first person to report such an error you will receive a Free2-team $25 parlay.

  • Any and all bets placed in an attempt in any way to defraud Wager Room will be deemed void. Any and all bets made or contracted by any professional gambler or member, employee or associate of a professional sports wagering group, or family member of such a person or group, who has not previously identified themselves to management, shall be voided and the balances in such accounts held by Wager Room .

  • The minimum wager over the telephone is $50.00 ( US), and $5.00 (US) on the Internet. The maximum wager is limited to what you have available in your account and the wagering limit on each particular wager. The funds must be available in the account in order to wager, there will be no exceptions.

  • Management reserves the right to limit and/or refuse any bet without further explanation.

  • Management is not responsible for any score information provided to client upon request.

  • In all proposition wagers involving a named player, each player must play (take part in at least one play of the game) in order for the wager to have action. If the player involved does not play in the game, all wagers will be void. Any exceptions to this rule must be specified in the disclaimer and/or proposition title.

Wagering Over the Phone:

  • The Customer must give their Personal Account Number and Pin Code before they may wager or access their account information.

  • All phone calls to Wager Room will be recorded on tape. In all cases of dispute, both management and the Customer agree that the tape recording shall serve as the final authority in the dispute and all wagers will be adjusted accordingly.

  • After wagers are placed by the Customer and entered into the computer by the clerk, the customer MUST wait for the final read back. The read back is confirmed by the customer; by giving their Personal Account Number and Pin Code ( It is the customers’ responsibility to listen carefully to the final read back. The final read back is what the customer is confirming to be the proper wager(s)). After receiving the personal information from the Customer the clerk will then give a confirmation number. It is the customers’ responsibility to insure they receive the confirmation number before terminating the call.

Wagering Over the Internet:

  • The Customer must log in using their Personal Account Number and Pin code before they may wager or access their account information.

  • It is the Customers responsibility to keep their password secure. All wagers placed in the account will be binding.

  • Each wager must be confirmed using the Customers wagering password. If a wager has not been confirmed, it will not be entered into the account.

  • It is the Customers responsibility to review their wagers after each play, or before logging out to make sure all bets are correct. Wager Room suggests printing out each play after making them and also making note of the confirmation number that you are issued for the plays. If the Customer has made a mistake entering a play, the play can be changed if all of the following conditions are met. 1. The mistake is reported no more than 30 minutes from the time the wager was placed. 2. The wagered event has not begun. 3. A line or odds change on the event has not occurred.

  • Las Vegas rules apply for any rules not mentioned herein.

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